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Why use hashtags?

Hashtags make your posts easier to find.

Adding event and wedding hashtags to your posts will help your content get discovered by people exploring their interests and looking for inspiration. That means more engagement, more reach, and more customers.

Why use recommended hashtags?

Recommended event and wedding hashtags help Instagram categorize and organize your posts, getting you in front of people looking specifically for your type of content. The right hashtags get you discovered in Instagram’s Search & Explore pages and increase your engagement and reach.

Why use unique hashtags?

Unique hashtags are all about attendee-generated content. They help your event attendees share their posts with each other in an easily discoverable way.

Event And Wedding Hashtag Tips:

  • 🌱 Use at least 10 hashtags on each post but never more than 30.
  • 🌱 Try out different hashtags regularly.
  • 🌱 Add location-based hashtags to help people find you locally.
  • 🌱 Mix it up between broadly popular hashtags and niche ones in each post.

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